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Century Rubber has supplied the Precision Custom Elastomer Components, such as rubber seals & die cut gaskets to the Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Consumer & Petroleum Industries since 1973. Our fabrication methods include Homogeneous Molding, Die Cutting, Rubber to Metal & Rubber to Plastic Vulcanizing, utilizing Die-Cutting, Compression, Transfer or Injection Molding methods. The type of manufacturing method depends on the part design and quantities to be produced.

We offer Design & Material Selection Assistance, Rapid Prototyping along with Short & High Volume Production Runs to create parts such as rubber seals & die cut gaskets. Part sizes range from under .062 to over 22.000”.

Parts can be produced in various colors, durometers and textures from the following materials: Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Viton ®, EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl, Isoprene, Nitrile (BUNA-N), Natural Rubber, SBR, Millable Urethanes, AFLAS and others. Many materials can be compounded to be self-lubricating for ease of installation or to reduce drag in dynamic applications. We often work in conductive materials for applications such as EMI/RFI Shielding and keyboard/keypad devices.

Some of our typical homogeneous parts include Seals, Bellows, Vacuum Suction Cups, Strain Relief's, Grommets, Duckbill & Umbrella Valves, Bushings, Boots, Diaphragms, Connector Insulators, Interfacial Seals & Die-Cut Gaskets (with or without pressure sensitive adhesives).

Typical Rubber to Metal and Rubber to Plastic vulcanized components include Rollers, Vibration & Shock Mounts, Valve Poppets, Seal Assemblies and could include “Value Added” secondary operations including close tolerance finish Grinding, Anodizing, Plating and Powder Coating.