Rubber Switch Covers & Keypads

Rubber Switch Covers are like Rubber Caps in that they prevent the intrusion of dust or moisture into electronic switches. They can be molded in transparent/translucent Elastomers to allow the emission of light on illuminated switches. Keypads also prevent dust or moisture intrusion but in addition, serve as a vehicle to activate an electronic device.

Conductive Elastomers
Conductive Elastomers are often used in EMI/RFI applications or to transmit electrical current in applications such as conductive keypads. The Elastomers contain conductive fillers such as Carbon, Graphite, Aluminum, Nickel, Silver, Gold or a blend of the above.

Special Colors
Elastomer Components don’t just come in black. We can produce parts in a wide array of colors and even Glow in the Dark or Transparent/Translucent.

Die Cut Gaskets
Die Cut Gaskets are often a less expensive alternative to Molded Elastomer Components. The process consists of a die like a cookie cutter being pressed against a sheet of rubber. The tolerances are often not as tight as what can be achieved with a Molded Elastomer Component and they require a flat cross section.

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